Our core activity is to render legal advise. Being experienced in business and financial affairs, we are competent in providing integrated solutions. We do also act on behalf of our clients in matters which are not legal actions, for instance in contractual negotiations and other business transactions. We are comfortable working in an international environment.

Legal Proceedings

We conduct legal proceedings before all Swiss courts for our clients, be it in civil, adminstrative, or criminal matters.

Services for Entities

We provide a fully-fledged range of administrative services for companies and other legal entities.

Inheritance Matters

We assist with inheritance planning and act as executors.

Notarial Services

Our notarial services comprise drafting and exeucting public deeds, in particular in connection with corporate law but also with regard to other legal matters. In addition we provide notarial certifications.

Tax  Services

For all tax matters we do closely cooperate with selected partners.